Our Clients

“People see the sign and just walk past. I wish they would come in and see what goes on inside, meet all the people we help and see the huge range of needs we cater for.” Rhianna - volunteer



Gareth, 23

“The people here are the best, they’re always good, always happy, even if you do have a bad day” I’m currently living in a tent in Shrewsbury with no overnight accommodation. I freeze and get wet in the winter and come here every day to have a hot meal, warm up and try and get dry. I don’t have any family. I was 13 when my mum died. Everything started to go bad then and my Nan took me in, but she died two years ago and I had to deal with the death and the funeral and everything. I’m also ADHD... read more

Martin, 50

“All the government thinks is - they’re on the streets, they’re a lost cause - not here they’re brilliant!” I’ve been coming to the Ark for about 3 years. I came here because I found myself on the streets in October 2012. It was freezing cold and I caught pneumonia, I heard about the Ark and came for help and collapsed. They called the ambulance who took me to hospital where they gave me 12 hours to live. I pulled through, but got told I had lung cancer, if it wasn’t for these guys I’d be dead... read more

Thomas, 21

“They don’t make you jump through a hoops– if you’re homeless, or in need, you’re welcome.” About 14 months ago I was made homeless because I had to leave my shared accommodation in Chester due to violence and drugs. That’s not what I want, I grew up in care and at 16 I was in and out of hostels, until I got put in shared accommodation, which I loved.  I lived there for a year until new people moved in that were dealing drugs.  It was my first home and I wanted it to be right and with those... read more

John, 25

“If the Ark wasn’t here I can’t picture what I would have done, I’d have been totally alone.” About 3 years ago, I found myself homeless through circumstances of my own doing and someone told me about the Ark.  It offers shelter and if you’re homeless you can come and get clean, fed, new clothes a sleeping bag.  People who’re vulnerable and socially excluded can come and be here and sit with people who care.  Basically I ended up in custody and when I came out a charity helped me to find shared... read more