On World Homeless Day we are encouraging people to look at what they can do to help Shropshire’s homeless.

Sometimes the smallest of acts can go a long way to helping someone make a positive change to their life.

Here are just some of the things you can do to help a homeless person: • Acknowledge and talk to them

• If you want to give them something, ask if they need anything specific (other than money)

• Ask if they know about The Ark

• Volunteer your time at The Ark – we have lots of roles and opportunities

• Contact our outreach team on 0300 500 0914 or online at www.streetlink.org.uk. so we can make contact.

• Spread the word - like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and sign up to our newsletter

• Make a financial donation to The Ark

• Support fundraising events for The Ark

We are a small independent charity changing lives in the heart of Shropshire through our day centre facilities and ongoing support networks. Operating completely on charitable donations and grants, We NEVER charge for our services and we are run by just five members of staff and a team of over 40 volunteers.

To find out more about World Homeless Day visit www.worldhomelessday.org