“There’s no referral needed to access our services, you can simply turn up at the door, regardless of your situation or needs and you are welcomed.” Outreach Manager

We provide the basic things that most people take for granted. Our clients can rely on us for warm clothes, bedding, personal items and a hot meal or cup of tea and a chat when they need it.  If our clients require professional advice or help, we are here to support them. 

When they are ready, we give them opportunities to build self-confidence and develop their potential.  We are here when perhaps no-one else is and (with the help of our supporters) we always will be.

The Shrewsbury Ark is operated by the Shrewsbury Christian Centre Association (SCCA). Find out more about the SCCA and its projects here.

Registered Charity Number 1163476

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Volunteers at The Shrewsbury Ark

Our Team

The Ark team is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, with support from a couple of key, salaried employees.

Our Clients

The Ark’s services are available to any vulnerable members of our community who are in need of our support.

The SCCA and its Projects

The Shrewsbury Christian Centre Association is a Registered Charity (No 1163476 ), established by volunteers in 1972 to provide a focal point for the work of all Christian groups in Shrewsbury and to...