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Blankets Of Kindness

Inspired to help the homeless and recycle as part of an environment challenge Take Action, three Gold Brownies in Ellesmere recently presented 10 'crisp packet blankets’, to Shrewsbury Ark Manager Wendy Faulkner, to help those experiencing rough sleeping keep warm and dry.

Waste crisp packets are ideal blanket material for those who have sadly found themselves experiencing rough sleeping; the crisp blankets are a good inductor for keeping heat in, and so reduce the risk of hypothermia. They are also waterproof so won't get wet and soggy when it rains. From a practical point of view, they fold up into small packets and they are also very light to carry.

Over the past three months, Gold Brownies Emily Harris, Rhian Baker and Esther Gration have been busy asking their friends and family for empty crisp packets, so they could wash and iron them together to create the potentially life-saving blankets.

“850 crisp packets later, and lots of hard work, Emily, Rhian and Esther achieved their goal of making ten blankets,” explains Caroline Ford, Brownies, 2nd Ellesmere leader. “Being a Brownie is all about fun, friendship and adventure, but it’s also about being a part of the wider community and thinking of others. Making these blankets is the follow up on a project the Gold Brownies did in the Autumn putting food bank boxes together. These girls just wanted to go a step further in thinking of others.”

Being a Gold Award Brownie is a really special achievement; it gives young girls the opportunity to put everything they’ve learned into practice before moving on to new adventures.

“We hope we will never need to be the recipients of this support but are so thankful that places like The Ark and Food bank are there to support those in crisis. These girls just wanted to make a difference and help,” says Caroline.

Wendy says: “We are very grateful for these blankets and I am very impressed with the quality, care and thought that had gone into the making them. The watertight bags help keep a sleeping bag dry and are a lifeline for rough sleepers tackling wet and cold weather on the streets, particularly as this year's May weather has been very unpredictable.”

“Our clients have been very touched the Brownies thought about them, and they are amazed at the work which has gone into making them. They are all very grateful and have asked to pass on their sincere thanks,” concludes Wendy.


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