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Homelessness: support from Shrewsbury Ark is 'unreal'

By BBC Radio Shropshire.

We were absolutely delighted to when Lauren from BBC Radio Shropshire spent time with us at our day centre recently, listening and talking to people who use our services.

A huge thank you for joining us and sharing people's stories.

One woman, Susan, said she didn't "know where I'd be without it" while another, Mickey, described the help he had received as "absolutely amazing".

Mickey (pictured below) visits every day to get food and wash his clothes and hopes to go into a supported living scheme soon with regular testing to stay clean.

He has struggled with drug addiction since he was 19 and sofa-surfs between three places.

"I struggle to live on my own which is why the support of the Ark is such a crucial part of my recovery and life," said the 27-year-old.

"It's been absolutely amazing, the support they've given me has been unreal, along with [that of] my probation, mental health and social workers.

"I've got such a wicked support network. Hands down to this place, I can't say a bad word about it."

Read the full article on the BBC website here.

Photo credit: BBC Radio Shropshire


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