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The Ark is looking for a new outreach support worker...or two.

Things are changing at the Ark. With the use of the day centre severly limited due to social distancing, we've been having to look at delivering our support services in a different way and that means OUTREACH.

We've always had an outreach worker, the wonderful Miriam, but she's decided it's time to retire and with an increased need to work off premises, we've decided to almost double the hours and make it a possible job share.

Outreach is an important part of our work, going out into the community, locating rough sleepers, making sure they are alright and know where we are if they need our help. Often you're the first person a rough sleeper will see in the morning and a friendly face offering a hot drink and a reminder that someone cares, can make a world of difference.

Outreach doesn't just mean going out and about on the streets, it also means checking in on our clients in accomdation, making sure they have everything they need practically and emotionally to make a success of starting a new home.

Outreach also means liasing with our partner agencies and service providers to make sure clients are accessing all the help and support that they are eligible for.

We hope to have many more clients going into accomodation as we come out of lockdown, so this service is going to be more important than ever.

If helping the most vulnerable members of our community to make a fresh start and improve their lives appeals, this could be just the job for you!

Take a look at the attached job desciprtion and get in touch before July 3rd, 2020, We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Outreach Job Description
Download PDF • 182KB


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