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World Homeless Week Public Lecture, Online, Monday 5th October, 6pm

Dr Paul Moran and Dr Frances Atherton (University of Chester) discuss their research and the question: why study homelessness, especially ethnographically? They respond in a number of ways: firstly by suggesting that by becoming intimate with the experience of homelessness, we are more likely to come to an understanding that tries to take into account the daily transactional, emotional, social and other factors that press upon the every day lives of homeless people. And secondly, trying to understand homelessness in this way helps us to understand how the established order tends to treat and regard this very marginalised group of people, and what this means in terms of belonging and the rights that seem to follow from belonging.

Monday 5th October, 6pm

This lecture will be delivered online via MS Teams. To join the event, simply click the link below at the start time.



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