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Will You Support Someone  Sleeping Rough in Shropshire Today?

By donating today, you are providing vital support and dignity to those who have nowhere to live


Last year, Homelesslink estimated that 558 people were homeless in Shropshire on any given night, with approximately 25 of those rough sleeping. 


Nobody chooses to be homeless and every person has experienced a unique series of events that have made that path a reality. To provide the essential and tailored support that they need, we rely totally on donations and gifts and we are incredibly grateful to all those individuals and businesses who support our work.


Ways To Give


The Ark team works with our volunteers and many excellent partners in Shropshire to help our clients when they are at their lowest ebb.  We are ever grateful for the positive collaboration in our local area.


We estimate it costs around £350K a year to run the Ark day centre, we receive no central funding and are reliant 100% on the kindness of our donors.


That funding helps to pay for:

  • Food and Drinks (approx £8000 a year)

  • Staffing (approx £230K a year)

  • Utilities

  • Repairs

  • Insurance

  • The Ark Shop

  • Staff Training

  • IT

  • Client Welfare

  • Governance  (approx £11K a year)

  • Cleaning (approx £11K a year)

And much, much more


Activities are a positive part of each day at the Ark, to nurture our clients' interests and talents and help them to move beyond their everyday struggles.


We would love to talk to you about how you can help, please contact us on 01743 363 305 or send an email to


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