My First Month As A Move On Support Worker...

By Brea Wilde.

I originally joined The Ark’s team as a volunteer in November of 2019. I quickly realised that I have a passion for helping the homeless and vulnerable and that my career would be focused on supporting these individuals.

I joined The Ark’s team on the 21st of September 2020, taking my knowledge, experience, and relationships with clients that I developed through my volunteering, into my new role. My official title is ‘Move On Support Worker’, and this really does encompass a whole host of responsibilities and support.

My main focus is to support our clients to find suitable, affordable, and sustainable tenancies; making sure they have somewhere to call home, forever. This is no small task, as the support does not just stop at sourcing properties to move into.

In order to make these tenancies sustainable and positive, I help our clients address other aspects of their life such as:

• Mental Health

• Physical health

• Substance misuse

• Relationships

• Life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and budgeting

• Keeping safe in your own home

I work with the individual to identify: Exactly where they feel they need support, which professionals they currently have supporting them, and which professionals they would like to get involved for additional support.

This can mean that I work closely with organisations such as: the Shropshire Recovery Partnership, community mental health teams, local housing authorities, social care and services, supported living services, local GP surgeries, family mediation services, the police/community support officers, and anything or anyone else in between!

I am involved every step of the way with moving our clients on into tenancies, from sourcing a home, to making home visits as often as needed, to making sure other agencies are included in long term support plans; nothing is too much if it means giving people the chance to have their own home.

I am extraordinarily proud to be working with The Shrewsbury Ark, and it's brilliant to see the difference the "move on" support work is already making to our clients.

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