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Thoughts from the street: changing perceptions

Every person living on our streets has a story.

Ian who we support, shares his experiences of living on the streets and some of the challenges he faces.

“People don’t want us in town but that’s our home.

"I’ve been on the streets for seven years. The temporary accommodation I am offered is away from everything I know."

"If you are barred from town for anti-social behaviour as a teenager with a family, you can go home, but the streets are our home. If you’re barred it means you can’t go past the train station or as far as the quarry.

"If I was not on the street I wouldn’t have any orders against me, they are all connected to me sleeping outside."

"Resenting homeless people doesn’t make any difference, talking and being positive, rather than being bitter, is going to start making a difference. Saying no isn’t an option if you are homeless, you have no control over your destiny."

"By begging we are staying alive, we don’t want to steal but we need to live. Needs don’t change just because people don’t give – the lump doesn’t go away just because you ignore it.

"Begging and living on concrete isn’t fun. It’s hard work and it rips me apart to beg. As someone who struggles with ADHD it is horrible. I get punished for my mental health. Concentration is impossible, I fidget constantly, people react to it.

"The police see it as anti-social behaviour if you pace up and down – it’s a coping mechanism. I have been told there is a 2-year waiting list for medication to help me. My mental health feels like a broken leg but no one can help me fix it.”

Many people who are living on our streets are pre-judged and stigmatised, and we hope by sharing some of our clients' thoughts, it may help change perceptions and attitudes.

It is often been said ‘we are all two pay cheques away from homelessness’.

Homelessness is the great equalizer - can happen to anyone and at any time of life.

Help us support people like Ian

We offer the most vulnerable in our community vital access to appropriate services in a space where they feel respected, safe and secure.

We NEVER charge for our day centre services and we are funded entirely by grants and donations.


Thank you to everyone who supports us!

Everything we are able to do to support vulnerable people in our community is because of your generosity.

You can support us by:

· Making a donation via our page on the Charities Aid Foundation. Click here to make a regular or one-off donation online now. (Please remember to Gift Aid your donation – This means we will receive tax benefits and help ensure your donation goes further.)

· Shop online through the Give as you Live shopping website. Through this portal, retailers agree to give a percentage of your purchase to us, at NO cost to you. More information and sign-up details here.

· When our shop at 14 Castle Street re-opens in July, call in to make a purchase or donate unwanted items.

· Give us a shout out and follow us on social media: we’re active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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